You expect your employees to proactively deliver work. Why not expect AI to do the same?

Cobbler's Smart Routines proactively analyze your data and create slides and spreadsheets on your behalf.

Smart Routines

Slides in Seconds
We can take any data from your ERP, planning tool, data warehouse, or flat file upload and generate slide-based analysis. Short on time? Generating slides typically takes under two minutes per deck.
Routine types
Cobbler focuses on three types of routines, delivering analysis in slides or spreadsheets
  • Variance Analysis
    Compare any planned data against your actuals.
  • Flux Analysis
    Track changes between two time periods.
  • Data Cleanup
    Let Cobbler clean your data, so your analysis focuses on what matters.

Custom analysis on any flat file

You spend so much time creating measurable goals, and each month you are tasked with creating slide deck after slide deck reporting on how you performed. Upload any flat file of data to Cobbler and let us run the analysis for you - ARR, Bookings, Marketing Campaigns, HR Recruiting funnel? You name it, Cobbler's got you.
Flexible thresholds
Dig in at the level of detail that's appropriate for your audience. Your CFO doesn't care about a $10 variance against their budget. Dial your thresholds up or down for the right level of reporting.
"Within minutes on day one of the quarter, Cobbler generates multiple views of my sales analysis. "
"Our marketing team has strong opinions". Need your slides to match your corporate deck? No problem, Cobbler builds your slides natively in Google Slides, giving you complete control over the template, the content, and the charts that we create.
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