Finance Team KPIs

A guide the to KPIs that the finance team uses to measure itself.
Jamie-Lee Salazar
Co-founder & CEO of Cobbler
Every team creates its own KPIs to ensure that they're contributing as much as possible to the business. There are a million things that you can measure your team against, but picking the right goals will help align your team activities with the results that matter most. Finance is often involved in helping the business measure other teams' performance. Here are the top KPIs that finance teams select to measure themselves.


    Purpose: To help the company keep track of the money it has spent and its financial commitments. Accounting maintains financial records, ensures compliance with laws and regulations, and advises on tax strategies.

    Accounting Team KPIs

    - Days to close the books
    - SAB 99 Items / Post Close Entries
    - SOX issues
    - Automated vs Manual JEs
    - Delta between Earnings Date and SEC filing dates

    Accounting Operations

    Purpose: This team helps drive operational improvements for the finance team. They're often overseeing payroll processing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and cash flow management.

    Accounting Operations Team KPIs

    - Automated Orders vs Manual Orders
    - DBO (Days billing outstanding) or DSO (Days sales outstanding)
    - DPO (Days payable outstanding)
    - Money Saved by Procurement
    - AR / AP Cost per transaction
    - Cost per Order (order Mgmt)
    - CC Fees % of Revenue
    - % of AR > 30 Days Late

    Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)

    Purpose: Work with the business to help project future spend. The FP&A team usually works cross-functionally to break down the company goals into the activities that the company needs to do to achieve them. They help determine the right level of investment for those activities and establish processes to track performance against them.

    FP&A Team KPIs

    - Forecast Accuracy
    - Time between close & BVA
    - Days to Reforecast
    - ROI for strategic investments


    Purpose: This team is responsible for managing the company's cash. This usually includes short-term liquidity, mid-term fundraising, and long-term investments.

    Treasury Team KPIs

    - Yield on Investment Portfolio
    - Treasury P&L - basically what do they bring in and what do they spend
    - FX Costs / Bank Fees as a % of Revenue


    Each team has its own KPIs to track depending on the finance department's focus. Whether it be accounting, FP&A, or treasury, each area has different goals and objectives that help contribute to the overall success of the company.

    Many companies use Cobbler to automate headcount reporting and BVA reporting. Allowing departmental managers to have a real-time view of how they're spending. Reach out to our sales team to learn more about how Cobbler can help.