Demo: Dynamic Income Statement

All the changes in your forecast, instantly projected into your income statement
Nate Barbettini
Co-founder & CTO of Cobbler
The income statement is one of the most important financial reports that the FP&A team creates. It frames the company's financials in a standard, digestible way that communicates financial performance to stakeholders outside the finance group or outside the company.

Cobbler's mission is to help FP&A teams spend less time on manual reporting and more time on impactful work. Generating an income statement for past performance is important, but we also wanted Cobbler to help answer questions about the future without doing hours of manual analysis.

Today we're launching the dynamic income statement, which gives you the ability to:

  • See an income statement for past performance
  • Drill into the details by department or by account
  • See an income statement for projected future performance based on the plan in Cobbler
  • Update the plan in Cobbler and see the changes reflected in the dynamic income statement immediately

How it works

Watch the 2-minute demo video below.

    Dynamic Income Statement
    Your forward-looking income statement projections

    Cobbler automatically analyzes your historical data when you connect your data sources to our system. As you create budgets and forecasts in Cobbler, we get a picture of both your historical performance and your plan for the future.

    The new income statement report pulls this all together in a standard, easy-to-digest view. Each line in the statement can be expanded to drill into the details, so you can pinpoint problem areas and dig in to understand why something looks off.

    And, when your forecast is updated in Cobbler, the forecasted income statement is updated automatically. In addition, Cobbler does this for each budget and forecast you've built, so you can easily compare different forecasts from an income statement perspective.

    Cobbler makes it easy to perform this analysis without juggling multiple spreadsheets or worrying about manual errors. All in seconds, not hours!

    Why we built this feature

    Generating the income statement and other financial statements is an important part of every Finance team's charter. Existing software can already help generate these financial statements for past performance, but looking into the future and answering "what-if" questions about the future takes time and effort.

    At Cobbler, our goal is to make FP&A a breeze. We wanted to make it easy to answer questions like:

    • What will our income statement look like next quarter if we stick to our budget?
    • What about our revised forecast? How would that compare to the original budget?
    • Are we expecting any significant changes to expenses or revenue in the next two quarters
    • I'm seeing our R&D costs rising faster than expected. Can I quickly dig in to figure out why?

    Book a demo today to learn how Cobbler can help your finance team get dynamic, out-of-the-box analysis and income statement forecasts in seconds, not hours.