Collaborative budgeting

Whether you're running a tops-down or bottoms-up budgeting process, Cobbler has you covered. Easily collaborate with anyone in the organization to build your plan.
Modern budget planning
We make it easy to work with anyone in the organization to build and manage annual budgets and financial forecasting for the organization.

Ditch the never-ending spreadsheets

Managing a budget process using Google Sheets or Excel can leave you cloning and maintaining spreadsheet after spreadsheet.
One simple draft with granular permissions
Gather inputs from your team in the same draft, so that Cobbler can do the reconciliation work for you.

Whether you're working with the CEO, the head of marketing, or the organization's Salesforce admin, Cobbler can support the permissions that you want to grant.

Task Management
Keep the team on track with built-in task management. Tasks help you stay organized by easily showing who has and has not updated the budget template. Is the task overdue? No problem, the system will automatically remind users when they have overdue tasks.
In-line commenting

Quickly resolve questions by commenting directly on any budget line or actual. Manage multiple comment threads, and quickly refer back to archived comments to help everyone on the team understand why you made certain decisions.
Schedule a demo
Chat with an FP&A partner to see how Cobbler can help you with your changing financial plans.